This event has held over 3 days, Tuesday 6th till Thursday 8th August. 10 teams took part in the competition, playing 3 matches per day consisting of 2 one hour games. Tuesday 6th August, had a bite in the air in the morning but ended up a pretty nice day on the lawns. The games progressed smoothly during the days play, but the players were all getting ready for the bad weather to come. Wednesday 7th had a few early showers but nothing wet weather gear couldn’t handle. After another 3 matches the competition was still very much anyone’s game. Thursday 8th started of pretty well, with cold but acceptable weather for the first 2 matches. Then the heavens opened and continued and continued until lawns 1 and 2 were under water in many areas. Play continued until teams decided that individual lawns were unplayable.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition Karen Magee (Brighton) and Barry Jennings (Hyde Park) with 6 matches. The runners-up were Barry Haydon (Hyde Park) and Graeme Thomas (Hyde Park) with 5 matches. Thanks to the members of the Hyde Park Croquet Club for helping to manage this event and to Beraniece Pfitzner for refereeing the competition.