Team members L-R: Mary Marsland, Shirley Howlett (R), John Arney (R), Virginia Arney, Robyn Short, Edward Wilson,
Leah O’Neil, Eric Zadow, Dwayne McCormick (Captain), (absent H Watts, Mark Senior (R), Mary Bishop (R)).

Congratulations to the AC State team on their magnificent victory in the Eire Cup. It has been a fantastic championships for SA, scooping the pool in almost all events, a fitting result in our Centenary year.

Gold Medal winner Greg Fletcher (Hyde Park)

Men’s singles winner Dwayne McCormick. (Norwood)

Men’s plate winner Greg Rowberry (Norwood)

Women’s plate winner Robyn Short (Moonta)

Women’s plate runner-up Mary Marsland (Norwood)

And of course the prestigious Eire Cup teams event.

Congratulations Team SA: Dwayne McCormick (Captain), Harley Watts (Vice Captain), Edward Wilson, Eric Zadow, John Arney, Mark Senior, Virginia Arney, Leah O’Neil, Robyn Short, Mary Marsland, Shirley Howlett, Mary Bishop

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