Winner: Ronald McBride

This event was held at Hutt Road in perfect weather conditions Friday 27th – Sunday 29th April.

Brighton Croquet Club managed the event and Shirlene Mc Bride, Anne Woodhouse, Karen Magee and Graeme Thomas worked as referees. There were also many spectators supporting the men from a variety of clubs, making the championship a vibrant place to be at.

Given this was a selection event for the State Team all players were on the lawns to determine their final placings. The men played matches (best of 3 games) with a time limit of 1 hour. The play was outstanding, jump shots through hoops from the boundary, clearances from the other side of the court and precision placement of balls to hamper opponents.

The final placings were:

1st Ronald McBride

2nd Mick Reidy

3rd Jim Grindrod

4th Barry Jennings