Dwayne McCormick winner of the Presidents Trophy

The Presidents Trophy was held over weekend of 7/8 September – two separate events are now held for the men and women – 8 men and 6 women competed – the men were Dwayne McCormick, Harley Watts, Murray Baum, Roger Buddle, Greg Rowberry, Mark Senior, Ron McBride and David Wise. The women were Robyn Short, Mary Marsland, Shirlene McBride, Sally Harper, Marga Podnieks and Tracey Sincock.

Roger Buddle Runner-up of the Presidents Trophy

Despite one massive downpour the weather conditions were generally favourable.  There were a number of exciting matches as indicated by the close results.  Mark Senior was unlucky  – being in a winning position he “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” on three occasions with a losing score of 25, 23 and 21 !  Entertaining to watch but not for Mark ! Highlights were when players found themselves in a tricky/losing situation and managed to find a way to win by using their skills, tactics and game strategy.   Dwayne McCormick had an excellent tournament winning all his matches and triple peeling on numerous occasions to retain the men’s Presidents Trophy –     Roger Buddle finished second and like a

Robyn Short winner of the Presidents Trophy (womens)

bottle of wine just gets better with age – he played some textbook croquet matches.Robyn Short was in top form winning all her matches to retain the women’s Presidents Trophy – Robyn lives in Cabowie on the York Peninsula and although introduced to croquet at a young age by her grandfather she stopped  playing for a long period until her friend Mary Bishop encouraged her back to the sport  – we are all so glad she did !   Robyn is currently our top ranked Association croquet player in South Australia.  Finishing second was Mary Marsland who despite having suffered a shoulder injury earlier this year is getting back to top form losing only one match to Robyn.

Mary Marsland runner-up Presidents Trophy (womens)

Thanks to all the players who helped set up the courts and a special acknowledgement to Mary Marsland who made delicious soups and other goodies for everyone to enjoy.