The Golf Croquet committee decided the best way to get back to croquet after isolation was to have an event that allowed lots of people to play, so we came up with Modified ISO Singles Well I don’t know if it was the catchy name, the lure of chocolate as a prize or the desperation for people to catch up with others or merely the enjoyment of the game.

Whatever it was, it was successful!
Who won the chocolates?

Wednesday morning                                     Thursday morning

Graeme Thomas (Hyde Park)                          Mark Stevens (Hyde Park)                        

Barbara Bertram (Millswood)                          Dougie Francis (Hyde Park)

Barry Latter (Coromandel Valley                     Robyn Golding (North Adelaide)

Wednesday afternoon                                   Thursday afternoon

Barry Jennings (Hyde Park)                             Monika Curtis (North Adelaide)

Robert Brown (MiIlswood)                               Janis Sala (Holdfast Bay)

Robert Hamshere (Coromandel Valley)            Jenny Haydon (Hyde Park)

Thank you to Kim Millhouse, Anne Woodhouse, Barry Jennings, Graeme Thomas, Jane West, Barry Haydon, Ansi Baumanis and Carolyn Cooper for assisting to run this event.