The C B Sharp Gold Medal event was held over the weekend of July 14 – 15 at SACA headquarters. This is an open event and attracted 12 entrants with handicaps ranging from – 2 to +8. It was pleasing to see Mark Kobelt from Tumby Bay club return to mainstream competition after many years. With only 2 days to accommodate the competition, the players were split into two even blocks of six. In the last session on Sunday there were playoffs for final placings. Block 1 was won by Ned Wilson with Harley Watts runner-up. Block 2 was won by Dwayne McCormick with Mark Kobelt runner-up. In the playoff for overall first place Dwayne McCormick defeated Ned Wilson 26tp – 1. There were seven triple peels completed during the event. The weather was good for this time of year and the players were well looked after by Norwood club as managers for the event. A special thank you to Lyn Parnell, Mary Marsland and Joan Kelly.