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C B Sharp – 13/9/19 – 15/9/19

It was a wonderful three days of high level association croquet from some of the best players in this State competing against each other. There were 10 entrants, 8 men and 2 women. A few matches saw players forced to play with one ball each to finish the game. Players took delight in pegging out their opponents ball so they could play with two balls and their opponent only one The tactics and strategies used by our top ranked players in these scenarios was skilful and entertaining – we don’t often see this type of game at our local Clubs and it is a pity more Association players do not come to watch this event as the standard of play is very high. When the result of a game is determined by the player who may be well behind, but plays a smarter tactical game, it is exciting to watch and a great way to learn.

Players in this event were Dwayne McCormick, Harley Watts, Mark Kobelt, Roger Buddle, Mark Senior, Murray Baum, Greg Rowberry and Ron McBride. The women were Mary Marsland and Shirlene McBride. Mary and Shirlene both had two good wins and the support between the players displayed great sportsmanship and respect. It was nice to see Mark Kobelt making the effort to drive on his own from Cleve (some 6 hours each way) to participate in this event. Dwayne and Harley both won 7 of their 9 matches but Dwayne was the winner with a higher net hoop score (108) – Harley (84). Congratulations to Dwayne who has now had back to back wins in this event (he also won it in 2013). Mark Senior also had a good tournament and finished third with 6 wins.

Dwayne McCormick(R) winner of The CB Sharp Harley Watts runner up

Dwayne is currently ranked 5th in Australia and is one of only 3 players from this state to be invited to compete in the World Croquet Championships to be held at Cairnlea in Melbourne next year. We all wish him the very best and hope his winning form continues.


Presidents Trophy

Dwayne McCormick winner of the Presidents Trophy

The Presidents Trophy was held over weekend of 7/8 September – two separate events are now held for the men and women – 8 men and 6 women competed – the men were Dwayne McCormick, Harley Watts, Murray Baum, Roger Buddle, Greg Rowberry, Mark Senior, Ron McBride and David Wise. The women were Robyn Short, Mary Marsland, Shirlene McBride, Sally Harper, Marga Podnieks and Tracey Sincock.
Despite one massive downpour the weather conditions were generally fav

Roger Buddle Runner-up of the Presidents Trophy

ourable.  There were a number of exciting matches as indicated by the close results.  Mark Senior was unlucky  – being in a winning position he “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” on three occasions with a losing score of 25, 23 and 21 !  Entertaining to watch but not for Mark ! Highlights were when players found themselves in a tricky/losing situation and managed to find a way to win by using their skills, tactics and game strategy.   Dwayne McCormick had an excellent tournament winning all his matches and triple

Robyn Short winner of the Presidents Trophy (womens)

peeling on numerous occasions to retain the men’s Presidents Trophy –     Roger Buddle finished second and like a bottle of wine just gets better with age – he played some textbook croquet matches.

Robyn Short was in top form winning all her matches to retain the women’s Presidents Trophy – Robyn lives in Cabowie on the York Peninsula and although introduced to croquet at a young age by her grandfather she stopped  playing for a long period until her friend Mary Bishop encouraged her back to the sport  – we are all so glad she did !   Robyn is currently our top ranked Association croquet player in South Australia.  Finishing second was Mary Marsland who despite having suffered a shoulder injury earlier this year is getting back to top form losing only one match to Robyn.

Thanks to all the players who helped set up the courts and a special acknowledgement to Mary Marsland who made delicious soups and other goodies for everyone to enjoy.



GC 9+ Spring Singles

Thirteen players, many of them new Golf Croquet and to singles competition, competed in the 9+ Spring Singles on the 10th and 17th of September. The days were sunny and competition was able to run uninterrupted start to finish. Graeme Thomas and Karen Magee spent a day each refereeing the even, a vital service that players greatly appreciated. Games were played in very good spirit, but never lacking in competitiveness, with a lot of games being wins by one hoop.
Winner of the event was Mary Murphy from the South Terrace club, with Runner Up being Marie Winter from the Brighton club.
Thanks to Howard Wood, Mick Dawkins, Ken Nunan and Karen Magee from the Brighton Club for managing the event.

9+ Spring Singles Competitors with Karen Magee

Winner Mary Murphy(R), 2nd Marie Winter(L) with Ken Nunan

AC Maslen Brooch

to Tracey Sincock winner and to Anne Rutten runner up.



Back row L-R Barry Haydon (Coach), Anne Woodhouse, John Arney, Heath Jackson, Jim Grindrod (Captain) Julianne Jago, Mick Reidy. Front Row L-R: Graham Whiteway (Coach), Karen Magee, Barry Jennings, Virginia Arney, Kate Logan (Vice Captain)

Croquet SA wishes the Golf Croquet State Team all the best in the Interstate Shield being played in Melbourne 11-15 September. Follow


the scores on



SACA GC Open Doubles competition

This event has held over 3 days, Tuesday 6th till Thursday 8th August. 10 teams took part in the competition, playing 3 matches per day consisting of 2 one hour games. Tuesday 6th August, had a bite in the air in the morning but ended up a pretty nice day on the lawns. The games progressed smoothly during the days play, but the players were all getting ready for the bad weather to come. Wednesday 7th had a few early showers but nothing wet weather gear couldn’t handle. After another 3 matches the competition was still very much anyone’s game. Thursday 8th started of pretty well, with cold but acceptable weather for the first 2 matches. Then the heavens opened and continued and continued until lawns 1 and 2 were under water in many areas. Play continued until teams decided that individual lawns were unplayable.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition Karen Magee (Brighton) and Barry Jennings (Hyde Park) with 6 matches. The runners-up were Barry Haydon (Hyde Park) and Graeme Thomas (Hyde Park) with 5 matches. Thanks to the members of the Hyde Park Croquet Club for helping to manage this event and to Beraniece Pfitzner for refereeing the competition.


AC Division 4 Singles

The Division 4 singles were held on Tuesday August 13th to Thursday August 15th. It was very pleasing to see a field of 10 players enter this event – including 5 from the country (3 from Tumby Bay and 2 from Wallaroo). For some players it was their first time entering a major event at SACA.

L-R Robert Habner, Diane Paull, Linda Stone, Roger Harris, Kim Millhouse, Rhonda Habner, Sue Simms, Joylene Trezise, Jeff Baker, Annette Clark

Roger Harris & Rhonda Habner

The weather was very good for the 3 days and the players enjoyed their games in the sun. The event was played as 2 blocks of 5 with playoffs for final placings on the last day. Winner of Block 1 was Rhonda Habner (Tumby Bay) who was undefeated. Runner-up was Linda Stone (Tea Tree Gully). Winner of Block 2 was Roger Harris (North Adelaide) who was also undefeated. Runner-up was Diane Paull (Wallaroo). Roger improved his handicap from 16 to 14 after his last game in the block play. The overall winner following the playoffs was Roger Harris, having won all his games, with Rhonda Habner runner-up.

There were two peg-outs during the tournament, one by Linda Stone during the Block 1 games and one in the playoff between the two 5th placegetters. Robert Habner (Tumby Bay) found his form and pegged out against Joylene Trezise. As there were country people attending, some morning and afternoon tea was provided by AC Events but it was not up to the standard that city players receive when visiting country clubs. Many thanks to Millswood Croquet Club for managing the event.