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Lewis Badge                             Maslen Brooch

Rob Speer, Wayne Peart (winner), Kevin LePoidevin,             Liz McKenzie, Shirlene McBride (winner),
Dean Bennett (Runner-up)                                                 Lyn Parnell (runner-up). Absent Sally Harper.



Team members L-R: Mary Marsland, Shirley Howlett (R), John Arney (R), Virginia Arney, Robyn Short, Edward Wilson,
Leah O’Neil, Eric Zadow, Dwayne McCormick (Captain), (absent H Watts, Mark Senior (R), Mary Bishop (R)).

Congratulations to the AC State team on their magnificent victory in the Eire Cup.  It has been a fantastic championships for SA, scooping the pool in almost all events, a fitting result in our Centenary year.

Gold Medal        winner Greg Fletcher (Hyde Park)

Men’s singles    winner  Dwayne McCormick. (Norwood)          

Men’s plate       winner  Greg Rowberry (Norwood)

Women’s plate winner  Robyn Short (Moonta)

Women’s plate runner-up Mary Marsland (Norwood)

And of course the prestigious Eire Cup teams event. 

Congratulations Team SA: Dwayne McCormick (Captain), Harley Watts (Vice Captain), Edward Wilson, Eric Zadow, John Arney, Mark Senior, Virginia Arney, Leah O’Neil, Robyn Short, Mary Marsland, Shirley Howlett, Mary Bishop

“Nothing’s impossible.  The word itself says I’m possible” A Quote by Audrey Hepburn.


Golf Croquet 3+ Singles

Golf Croquet 3+ Singles played on the 27 & 28 February and 1 March at SACA

The Winner was Helen COOK (Norwood CC) and the Runner-Up was David HAYTER (Holdfast Bay CC)

The Venue Manager was Kate LOGAN (Victor Harbor CC)

In the group photo there is from left to right: Norma GREIG (North Adelaide CC), Helen COOK (Norwood CC), Kevin Le POIDEVIN (North Adelaide CC), David HAYTER (Holdfast Bay CC), Kim MILLHOUSE (Millswood CC) and Barrie WUTTKE (Hyde Park CC).  Unavailable for the photograph is Carolyn SHANAHAN (Glenunga CC)



South Aussies provide a great performance at the ACA Presidents Eights

This year four men and three women applied and were accepted to play in the ACA Presidents 8’s trophy held in Cairnlea this February.  It is a great competition to compete in and to test your skills against players from interstate.

The players are positioned into four blocks of eight according to their world rankings – the fourth block being only for women.

In block two Barry Haydon came 2nd and Ron McBride came 3rd.

In block three Mick Reidy came 2nd and Barry Jennings came 8th.

In the women’s block Kate Logan came 1st, Shirlene McBride 2nd and Karen Magee 3rd. (this is the 3rd year in a row a SA women has won this plate)


SA Golf Croquet Gold Medal

This event was originally meant to be a 3 day event and have one day of qualifying. All was great, we had plenty of entries and needed to hold the qualifier. Then the weather, work commitments, injury and illness struck. We wound up having a 2 day event with 10 participants. Glenunga superbly managed it and it was supported by Bernie Pfitzner, Barry Haydon and Shirlene McBride as referees. The players thank all of these people and the spectators.

Greg Rowberry from Norwood won, with Ronald McBride from Victor Harbor runner-up and Karen Magee from Brighton in third place.

Note people in the photo

Greg Rowberry (winner), Barrie Wuttke (Glenunga Manager of event), Ronald McBride (runner-up)


GC Presidents Trophy

This event had to be rescheduled and modified due to hot weather. The doubles unfortunately had to be dropped and the singles were played in afternoon to evenings over three cooler midweek days. This rescheduling prevented some of the original entrants from participating and thus adding to their required qualifying events for State Selection.

Brighton Croquet Club managed the event and Referees included Bernie Pfitzner, Graeme Thomas and Robert Weaver.

Barry Haydon from Hyde Park won the event with Ronald McBride of Victor Harbor runner-up and Kate Logan from Victor Harbor in a tight finish for third.