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GC Doubles Individual 5+

This event was managed by Brighton Croquet Club and had 5 doubles pairings.

Tuesday 9th July was the first day of the competition which although had a chilly start was played in lovely winter sunshine, without wind.

By the end of the day each team had won at least one game. Each player had their quality shots and sound roqueting, smooth hoop running, and sweet little jump shots were regularly seen.

Thursday 11th July saw more wintery weather resulting in testing out the wet weather gear. Despite this play continued to be close. The eventual winners and runners-up were on the same game scores with only hoops separating them for the final places. Congratulations to the winners Dianne Love and Barrie Wuttke (Hyde Park) with Julie Grindrod (Aldinga Bay) and David Magee (Brighton) the runners-up. Third place went Heather and Neil White (Brighton).

Referees were Anne Woodhouse and Karen Magee.


Marryatville Silver Medal

L – R Annette Clark, Roger Harris, Liz Mackenzie, Kevin Le Poidevin, Ken McHugh, Joan Kelly, Garry Speed, Geoffrey Wheaton

The Marryatville Silver Medal for AC players with 8+ handicap was held over three days, June 25 -27, 2019. There were eight competitors from various clubs including one from as far away as Tumby bay, Eyre Peninsula. The players were Kevin Le Poidevin, Joan Kelly, Geoffrey Wheaton, Ken McHugh, Liz Mackenzie, Garry Speed (Tumby Bay), Annette Clark and Roger Harris. Although there were only three peg outs during the event (Kevin, Geoffrey and Ken one each) there were some close games with only one point the difference.

The winner was Ken McHugh who was undefeated with seven wins. Geoffrey Wheaton was runner-up on points with four wins. Liz Mackenzie and Kevin Le Poidevin also had four wins. Many thanks to Janet Willshire and helpers from North Adelaide CC who managed the event.



Jim Grindrod GC ACA Bronze Medalist 2019 for South Australia

Jim from Aldinga Bay, won the ACA Bronze Medal competition held in June at Hutt Road, meaning he will now play in Melbourne at Cainlea Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th September with the aim to secure the Gold Medal. Ron McBride from Victor Harbor was the runner-up.
Thanks to Millswood and particularly Patricia McGaffin for for being the event managers.


AC Open Men’s & Women’s Singles

Men’s Singles

Nick Chapman and Simon Hockey

The men were Simon Hockey, Dwayne McCormick, Nick Chapman, Eric Zadow, Murray Baum, Roger Buddle, Ron McBride, John Arney and Barry Jennings. The standard of play was high. Simon completed two sextuple peels and one triple peel. Dwayne completed six triple peels and Nick completed three triple peels. The unbeaten winner was Simon Hockey with eight wins. Nick Chapman was runner-up on points (111) with six wins. Also on six wins were Dwayne McCormick (95) and Roger Buddle (50).


Women’s Singles

Virginia Arney and Shirley Howlett

The women were Virginia Arney, Shirley Howlett, Sally Harper, Shirlene McBride and Di Helier. Three rounds were played on Saturday and Monday and four rounds on Sunday. Winner of the Women’s Singles was Virginia Arney who was undefeated in her eight matches. Runner-up was Shirley Howlett with 5 wins.